鶹ýPorn's objective: Every student graduates prepared to succeed

Teachers and principals strive to create a positive learning environment for students with:

  • Clear goals
  • Effective curriculum and instructional methods
  • Student engagement
  • Assessments 


Accessibility in 鶹ýPorn

鶹ýPorn is committed to the inclusion of all individuals. As part of this, 鶹ýPorn strives to make district services, programs, activities and information accessible to everyone.

  • If you need an accommodation or modification to participate in 鶹ýPorn programs, please email your request to
  • If you have difficulty accessing information from the 鶹ýPorn website or would like information in an alternative format, please email the Communications Department at
  • Learn more about accessibility in 鶹ýPorn. >>

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