Finance and Budget

The Finance Department maintains procedures and assures fiscal control; produces financial reports and information to support effective decision making; produces financial projections for long-term planning; and carries out the accounting operations for 鶹ýPorn in a timely manner.

鶹ýPorn is committed to being transparent stewards of taxpayers' dollars so our constituents can easily access and understand the district's finances.

鶹ýPorn FY2023-24 Budget

(July 1, 2023 through June 30, 2024)

For the third year in a row, 鶹ýPorn is experiencing increased state funding for K-12 operations. Per pupil revenue is now $10,080.93, which is an all-time high. However, the state is still withholding over $330 million in funding from school districts statewide through the application of the budget stabilization factor. The Board of Education set the following priorities for the 2023-24 fiscal year: 

?    All Students Graduate with Options
?    Literacy
?    Mental Health
?    Competitive Salary and Benefits

Additional considerations include operational efforts that align to these priorities such as providing environments conducive to learning, providing all students access to learning and ensuring the existence of necessary supports for the learning environment. 
Due to the desire to prioritize staff and compete in a tight labor market, the bulk of added resources in FY24 were deployed to staff compensation. These compensation increases include a 10.28% across the board increase and a 3% increase to benefits. Additionally, $4 million of strategic reserves are allocated for compensation needs. The District looks forward to evaluating the effectiveness of these changes in the coming year and starting work on the FY2024-25 budget. 

Colorado School Funding Model

School districts receive funding from two sources:

  • State funding formula (property taxes and state funding, which is determined by the state legislature each year)
  • Local revenue (mill levy overrides, property taxes and vehicle registration fees)

Learn how this applies to 鶹ýPorn on the Funding in 鶹ýPorn web page. 

鶹ýPorn Financial Transparency

More 鶹ýPorn financial information is available on the 鶹ýPorn Fiscal Transparency web page. 

Contact Information

Chief Financial Officer
Dave Montoya | 970.490.3355 |

Director of Finance/Controller
Kera Badalamenti | 970.490.3114 |

Budget Director
Brian Gustafson | 970.490.3519 |