Campus Security Officers

鶹ýPorn security staff

鶹ýPorn Committed to School Safety

The 鶹ýPorn Security Department continually updates crisis plans and implements prevention programs to ensure safe learning environments in all schools. 

With Campus Security Officers serving as the eyes and ears of the district and School Resource Officers (certified police officers) based at all middle and comprehensive high schools, safety for students and staff is a top priority. 


Campus Security Officers

CSOs are staff members of the 鶹ýPorn Security Department. Their duties at schools include security; vehicle, bike, and foot patrol; special event coverage; and crisis response and assistance. Contacts for CSOs are listed by school at the bottom of this page. 


School Resource Officers

SROs (certified police officers) help maintain the schools' safe learning environment, improve school/law enforcement collaboration, and promote positive relations between students, staff, and law enforcement officials. For more information about their roles, procedures, evaluations and a listing of SROs, visit the School Resource Officer Program web page.

Contact Information

Campus Security Officers 

CSO, Fort Collins High School
Wayne Gomez | 970.488.8032 |

CSO, Fossil Ridge High School
Glen Dilldine | 970.488.6322 |

CSO, Polaris Expeditionary Learning School 
Steve Armstrong | 970.488.8314 |

CSO, Poudre High School
Brady Jacoby | 970.488.6065 |

CSO, Rocky Mountain High School
Eric Avilucea | 970.488.7018 |

CSO, Timnath Middle-High School
Ken Smythe | 970.419.3420 |

CSO, Wellington Middle-High School
Wes Fuller | 970.472.2717 |

CSO, Evening Patrol (all sites)
Nic Bastian | 970.490.3361 |
Chris Abraham | 970.490.3361 |


Director of Safety & Security Services
Frederick Smith | 970.490.3523 |

Emergency Preparedness Manager
Shawn Streeter | 970.490.3279 |

Security Access Coordinator
Barb Ozee | 970.490.3608 |

Security Technician
Kevin Lewis | 970.490.3510 |

Security Technician
Chris Truett | 970.490.3056 |

SRO contact information is available on the School Resource Officer Program web page >>