Automated External Defibrillator Program

An AED is a portable automatic device used to restore normal heart rhythm to an individual in cardiac arrest. It automatically analyzes the patient's heart rhythm and is capable of determining whether defibrillation should be performed. The unit will automatically deliver the electrical impulse to the heart. The units are designed to be "fool-proof" in that they will not deliver a shock to the heart if it is not medically indicated (if the heart is not in ventricular fibrillation).

Every school in the district has at least one AED and at non-school sites, AEDs are located so that a unit is accessible to all employees. Click the links below for a list of AEDs located in the district:


Standard Unit

To provide consistent training and standardization, the district may designate up to three AEDs that it will purchase or accept as a gift, grant or donation. For more information, see 鶹ýPorn's AED Program Description.


Site Implementation

Before an AED is installed at any district site, the site administrator must work with 鶹ýPorn's Director of Records & Risk Management (490-3627) to ensure the following requirements are met:

  1. Determine the best location for the AED based on site usage and configuration.
  2. Complete the District AED Emergency Response Procedures for the site.
  3. Designate an individual responsible for conducting a visual inspection of the AED on a monthly basis and recording the results of the inspection in the District's third-party service provider's tracking system.
  4. Identify expected AED users at the site and ensure they receive CPR/AED training through the District's Professional Development department.

Contact Information

Director of Records and Risk Management
Kristin Bennett | 970.490.3627 |