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鶹ýPorn is committed to K-12 Physical Education, as Physical Education plays a crucial role in the overall development of well rounded and healthy individuals. Physical Education teachers in 鶹ýPorn are certified through the Colorado Department of Education and implement a standards-based curriculum.


鶹ýPorn Physical Education Mission:  As 鶹ýPorn Physical Educators, we are committed to delivering high-quality Physical Education that promotes physical health, mental well-being, and a sense of belonging. By fostering the whole child, we aim to create an educational experience that empowers students to thrive in lifelong activity and create pathways in all aspects of life. 


鶹ýPorn Physical Education Vision:  Our vision for high-quality Physical Education is to cultivate confidence and competence by building physical literacy and integrating social emotional wellness. We envision an inclusive environment where students receive increased opportunities to develop and meet their goals, build resilience, and foster deep connections with their community. Our aim is to develop the whole child who graduates with versatile skills to succeed beyond the classroom, embracing an active, healthy lifestyle.



Physical Education Staff

Quality Physical Education promotes:


Physical Fitness and Health:

Physical Education promotes physical fitness by engaging students in various forms of exercise and physical activities. Regular participation helps develop cardiovascular fitness, strength, flexibility, and overall health.

It contributes to the prevention of chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, fostering a healthier lifestyle from a young age.


Motor Skills Development:

Physical Education helps in the development of fundamental motor skills such as running, jumping, throwing, and catching. These skills are essential for a child's physical and cognitive development.


Cognitive Benefits:

Physical activity has been linked to improved cognitive function, including better concentration, memory, and problem-solving skills. Regular physical exercise has been shown to positively impact academic performance.


Social and Emotional Development:

Physical Education provides opportunities for social interaction and teamwork. Team sports and group activities help students develop communication skills, cooperation, and the ability to work effectively with others.

Physical activity is also associated with improved mood and reduced symptoms of anxiety and depression, contributing to overall emotional well-being.


Lifelong Habits and Healthy Lifestyles:

Encouraging physical activity in a structured setting like Physical Education helps instill a love for exercise and an understanding of its importance. This can lead to the development of lifelong habits that contribute to a healthier lifestyle.


Stress Reduction:

Physical activity is known to reduce stress levels. Engaging in Physical Education can serve as a healthy outlet for stress and pent-up energy, promoting mental well-being.


Prevention of Sedentary Lifestyle:

In an era where sedentary activities like excessive screen time are prevalent, Physical Education is crucial in encouraging an active lifestyle and counteracting the negative effects of prolonged sitting.


Diversity of Activities:

Physical Education exposes students to a variety of physical activities, helping them discover and explore their interests in lifetime activities, sport and fitness. Physical Education teachers in 鶹ýPorn are certified through the Colorado Department of Education and implement a standards-based curriculum.

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